More Profile since 1984!

In 1984 Josef Stiglmayr founded the company and began developing and producing profiles. It was back then that ST-Profile introduced a round profile onto the medium-sized market, making a name for itself with an innovative product just as the business was starting out. Over time, numerous shapes were devised (such as steps and square profiles) and/or adjusted to the requirements of the tiling industry. ST-Profile was the first company to supply tile profiles in 1-mm increments, making the ideal product available for every height. Along with tile fitters and flooring fitters, floor coating companies have also become part of ST-Profile's customer base.

More Profile for more innovative Design!

Whereas previously profiles were only really of significance as edge protection for tiles, the way profiles are used has changed over the last few years. Their integration within the design (e.g. tile trim) has nowadays become just as popular. This also explains the huge number of available profiles: in 1984 ST-Profile started with nine different profiles; today there are more than 1,500 products offered in the widest variety of shapes, materials (aluminium, stainless steel, brass, PVC) and colours to meet every functional and decorative need.

More Profile for new Products!

We need to move quickly in order to constantly keep up with the demands of the market. Regardless of how this need is identified - either based on the wishes of a customer or changes to market requirements - ST-Profile gets on with the job quickly and without excessive bureaucracy. After detailed discussions with the end-user, an accurate Auto-Cad file is created. We then discuss with our production team whether the profile can be produced. After the tools have been made, we get on with production - thus allowing us to create a new profile within a matter of just a few months!
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