More Profile for Quality & Service!

High quality levels, a comprehensive service and a strong customer focus have been at the root of the company's philosophy since 1984. In addition, the company is known for its reliability, fast delivery and its ability to develop business in an uncomplicated and unbureaucratic manner. Its success is based on its employees, who have been part of the team for many years, and the way it strives to look after and maintain existing partnerships and business relationships. Quality assurance still takes place in house. Every product delivered is checked by the trained eyes of our employees. This is possible because ST-Profile does not work with pre-fabricated packing units, which also means no minimum order quantities for the customer.

Automated high-bay warehouse

An automated high-bay warehouse ensures that all the corresponding amounts of products are in stock. Prompt delivery ensures that goods are with customers across Austria within a day. Refinements and special colours are available within two weeks. Our modern warehouse also offers customers in the surrounding area a significant advantage: whilst commissioning is done via wholesale, the end-customer is able to collect the products directly from ST-Profile.

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