Angle profiles
Angle profile for can be used for many kinds of floors, parquets tiles and many more.
Angle profiles - aluminium 8 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - 8 mm
Angle profiles - stainless steel 8 mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - undrilled 10 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - ungelocht 10 mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - drilled 10 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - gelocht 10mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - undrilled 20 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - ungelocht 20 mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - drilled 20 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - gelocht 20 mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - self adhesive 10 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - selbstklebend 10 mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - self adhesive 20 mm
Winkelprofile -  ALU - selbstklebend 20 mm
Angle profiles - aluminium - drilled 10 mm
Aluminium anodised
Winkelprofile -  ALU - gelocht 10mm
Profile length: 2.7 m
Packing: 10 pieces/unit
Info: Please order screws separately
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Identification: WPG / Article group: 48

Colours Identification
Alu silver WPG-AS 10
Alu sahara WPG-SA 10
Alu gold WPG-AG 10
Alu bronce WPG-AB 10

Material properties Aluminium

Aluminium anodised
Aluminium doesn't sustain high levels of mechanical stress. Extremely high levels of stress can damage the anodised surface. In environments where high chemical stress is to be expected, the compatibility of this material should first be tested. It is important to remove mortar or grout residue immediately from visible surfaces.
Note: Picture may differ from original product

Upon request, every RAL or sanitary colour can be delivered within approx. 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend a RAL-Colour-Shade-Card to check the colourfastness.
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Alu bronze
Alu gold
Alu silver
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