Gradient profile wall
For barrier-free showers, all profiles available in right and left versions, in 3 lengths and 2 widths.
Gradient profile wall stainless steel V4A
Gradient profile wall stainless steel 3D-polished
Gefälleprofil Wand
Gradient profile wall stainless steel K220-brushed
Gefälleprofil Wand
Gradient Profile Wall stainless steel chrome
Gefälleprofil Wand
Deko-Line stainless steel
Deko Line
Deko-Line chrome
Deko Line
Deko-Line chrome
Profile length: 1.25 m and 2.5 m
Info: 3 widths: 18 mm, 28 mm and 35 mm, 3 heights: 8 mm, 10 mm and 12.5 mm
Order code: DL-E + surface + height + width + length
example: DL-CHR 10-28/1.25
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Identification: DL-CHR / Article group: 85

Height Width Identification
8 mm 18 mm DL-CHR 8-18
8 mm 28 mm DL-CHR 8-28
8 mm 35 mm DL-CHR 8-35
10 mm 18 mm DL-CHR 10-18
10 mm 28 mm DL-CHR 10-28
10 mm 35 mm DL-CHR 10-35
12,5 mm 18 mm DL-CHR 12,5-18
12,5 mm 28 mm DL-CHR 12,5-28
12,5 mm 35 mm DL-CHR 12,5-35

Material properties Stainless steel

Material No. CrNi 1.4404 (V4A)
V4A is the recommended material when it comes to ensuring very high levels of rust resistance. Added molybdenum and titanium also give it increased resistance against chemical agents and pitting corrosion caused by chloride materials. As a result, V4A can be used in a wider range of applications in laboratories, swimming pools, the chemical industry, pulping and textile finishing.
Note: Picture may differ from original product

Upon request, every RAL or sanitary colour can be delivered within approx. 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend a RAL-Colour-Shade-Card to check the colourfastness.
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