Beleuchtbare LED-Profile für die optische Aufwertung in Bad, Küche und Wohnraum.
LED-U with anchoring leg complete profile
End caps for LED-U-Profiles with anchoring leg
LED-U without anchoring leg complete profile
LED Komplettprofil
End caps for LED-U-Profiles without anchoring leg
LED-Step complete profile
End caps for LED Step profiles
LED Inliner complete profile
End caps for LED-Inliner profiles
LED U-Profiles with anchoring leg
LED U-Profiles without anchoring leg
LED Step profiles
LED Inliner
LED profiles covers
LED-U with anchoring leg complete profile
Alumimium anodised, powder coated and PMMA
Profile length: 2.5 m + 3 m
Info: Complete profile including LED U-profile (LED-UBS-colour) and LED profile covers PMMA (LED-AP 16).
For LED strips up to 12 mm wide. Upon request, every RAL or sanitary colour can be delivered within approx. 2 to 3 weeks.
During assembly must be considered that aluminium and PMMA have different expansion coefficient. Based on 20°C:
Aluminium 0,25 mm/m
PMMA approx. 0,80 mm/m per 10°C of difference in temperature.
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Identification: LED-UBSAP / Article group: 95

Surface Height Identification
Alu silver + cover PMMA-white 8 mm LED-UBSAP-AS 8-16
10 mm LED-UBSAP-AS 10-16
12,5 mm LED-UBSAP-AS 12,5-16
Alu traffic white matt + cover PMMA-white 8 mm LED-UBSAP-VWM 8-16
10 mm LED-UBSAP-VWM 10-16
12,5 mm LED-UBSAP-VWM 12,5-16
Alu anthracite matt + cover PMMA-black 8 mm LED-UBSAP-AZM 8-16
10 mm LED-UBSAP-AZM 10-16
12,5 mm LED-UBSAP-AZM 12,5-16
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