Profile for bordures. Highlight in bathrooms and living rooms.
Optica - aluminium
Optica - Aluminium
Optica - stainless steel
Optica - Edelstahl
Optica - chrome
Optica - Chrom
Optica - aluminium
Aluminium anodised
Optica - Aluminium
Profile length: 3 m ( *also available in 2.5 m)
Packing: 2 pieces/unit
Info: Optica is a border profile that can be combined with all our round profiles, end profiles as well as Quadra and Quadra line profiles.

Upon request, every RAL or sanitary colour can be delivered within approx. 2 to 3 weeks.

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Identification: OP / Article group: 56

Surface Colours Identification Width 20 mm Width 30 mm
Alu anodised Alu silver OP-AS * *
Alu silver polished OP-ASG * *
Alu gold polished OP-AGG
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