Stick-on profiles
Profile can be stuck over tiles at a later time to protect tiles or to cover up damaged tile corners.
Stick-on profiles - stainless steel
Klebeprofil Edelstahl
Screw-on profiles - stainless steel
Stick-on profiles - stainless steel
Material CrNi 1.4301 (V2A), surface 3D-polished with protective foil or K220-brushed matt
Klebeprofil Edelstahl
Profile length: 1.5 m, 2.5 m and 3 m
Info: Profiles can be stuck over tiles at a later date
or for the purpose of covering up damaged tile corners
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Identification: KL / Article group: 3

Version Legs Surface Identification
Stick-on 20 mm 3D-polished KL-E-3D 20/20
20 mm K220-brushed KL-E-K220 20/20
30 mm 3D-polished KL-E-3D 30/30
30 mm K220-brushed KL-E-K220 30/30
40 mm 3D-polished KL-E-3D 40/40
40 mm K220-brushed KL-E-K220 40/40
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