Sealing membranes and strips
For moisture proofing. Material: Trilaminate, Polypropylene-fleece with polyethylene. High chemical constitution.
Sealing membranes
Abdichtungs-und Entkoppelungsbahn
Sealing strips
Flex - Dichtb├Ąnder
Sealing membranes
Info: Roll length 30 m, Width 1 m
Polyethylene film with a special fleece glued to the top
and bottom
Resistant to saline solutions, acids, alkaline solutions,
many organic solvents, alcohol and oils.
Resistant to micro-organisms, deterioration and rot.
Colour: grey
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Identification: DB-EB 1/30 / Article group: 60

Width Roll length Identification EUR/m
1m 30m DB-EB 1/30
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